Sign Up Flow and Navigation

Role: UX
Goals: Map a sign up flow to use as the basis of the visual design.
Time-frame: 2 weeks

These pages were part of a much larger document detailing the proposed UX flows for the entire product. Working with financial institutions to help make a rather complex sign up process as simplified as possible was just one of the many rewarding design challenges. Interface Design

Role: Wireframe and visual design, interaction design, and UX.
Goals: Design an easy-to-use financial tool to help users make the most of their credit score.
Time-frame: 2 months

I was tasked with leading the overall design of's newest product. While developing the interface I was tasked with developing lo-fi wireframes and translating them into robust visual designs. The selected pages below highlight the functionality of the site (note the layered menu) as well as the clean and attractive user interface. Sign Up Flow and Style Guide

Role: Style guide creation and visual design, interaction design, and UX.
Goals: Create a seamless sign up flow utilizing passwordless verification.
Time-frame: 1 week

Since I had already created's style guide, I was tasked with expanding it to their new logged-in experience. These pages were heavily referenced by developers during implementation.