Mobile and UX Design

Mobile web design is a great new medium to explore, complete with its own problems and rewarding solutions. UX design, responsive design, and thousands of new apps being created every day, make this an exciting branch of design worth diving into.


I always get excited when I can design an infographic! Whether they're online only, or for print, infographics allow you to mix data and design into one beautiful package. Useful for driving traffic (or driving home a point), they're fun, interesting, and always shareable.

Landing Pages

A landing page has many uses—from driving traffic and gathering important user information to announcing new products and important features on an existing website. Whatever its purpose, it must be attractive and usable, grabbing the user's attention and leading them down a desired path.

Logo and Identity

I've designed brand identity for everything from local indie hip-hop studios to huge e-commerce websites that get millions of hits a month. It's definitely one of my favorite things to do as a designer. My motto has always been "keep it simple", but I try to add a little point of interest when I can - a turn of a letter, a double-meaning, or an interesting mark.

Web Banners

To many, designing web banners can seem mundane, or even cumbersome. However, when you consider the amount of traffic a well-designed banner can make, every one of these little creations become a big opportunity. Add to that the sheer variety of sizes and shapes (and even animation), and you get a seriously fun design challenge.

Print Design

I spent most of my early career as a print designer. Compared to web design, print design can be very unforgiving. A typo, a misplaced bleed, or a wrong spot color will ruin your (and your client's) week. The sheer attention to detail one must possess is immense. However, the rewards are more than worth it. Creating something that lives outside of your computer screen and seeing it in a customer's hands, or even a 50 ft billboard, is very gratifying.

Email Marketing

Early in my career, I was tasked with designing 3-5 emails a week. Each email was custom designed with very little boilerplate. This basically meant I was faced with a unique design challenge every time. It was a great way to flex my design muscles and keep me on my toes.


During university, I tried to get my hands on as many advertising courses as possible. I loved the simple, effective way a great ad could communicate an idea. There's something beautiful about the combination of a provocative image, and a few lines of compelling copy, that can pique your interest, create desire, or change your mind.